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Weddings in crete

Getting married on the island of Crete, Greece is gaining popularity year after year. Whether you've fallen love with the island on holiday or in photos Crete has something for everyone (and of all ages) and Crete's unique 'all rounder' offering makes a wedding event on the island both stunning and versatile. Here's Photos of Crete's .com's suggestions for getting married in Crete.

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Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and at 160 miles or 260km in length offers endless beaches, resorts and that infamous Cretan hospitality. There can be no doubt that bringing your wedding guests to the island will not only make for a stunning location but equally your loved ones and friends will be met with a welcome that is second to none in the world. And for the most important couple of all you'll cherish your most special of all days with huge fondness as you say you're forever most in the most idyllic of places.

Stunning Resort Wedding in Crete, Greece
Hindu Ceremony Crete, Greece.
Wedding Scene Crete, Greece.
Bride & Groom Crete, Greece
Wonderful views for your wedding in Crete, Greece.
Seaside Wedding Ceremony Crete, Greece.
Wedding Ceremony by the sea Crete

You may dream of getting married in a gentle sea breeze with an ocean view, or imagine a seaside luxury resort as both venue & base for you and your guests. Maybe a Cretan church filled with painted frescoes & icons is your desire? Or a stunning luxury villa hanging over the sea with a pretty fishing harbour below as you 'tie the knot' looking longingly at each other with your loved ones soaking up the ambiance?

A wonderful atmosphere to prepare in Crete, Greece.
The right people are at hand to make your preparations relaxed.
Your wedding in the sun Crete, Greece.
Wedding preparations with a view in Crete, Greece.
You want to look your very best on your wedding day.
Take the stress out of your wedding preparations in Crete, Greece
All the build up to your big day is taken care of.

Be it a small personal service or a larger celebration the island of Crete can cater for them all, and with a huge variety of cuisines & complete wedding planning available from the venue to event styling along with video, photo, entertainment & music it can all be arranged for your special day under the Cretan sun in a warm & welcoming island paradise. 

Wedding Photoshoot Opportunities Crete, Greece.
Hindu Ceremony in Crete, Greece.
Beautiful Resort Wedding Setting, Crete, Greece
Scenic setting for your wedding in Crete, Greece.
Pre Wedding Wander Crete, Greece
Married couple with a view.
When organising a wedding abroad wherever it may be in the world those who have done will tell you one thing.... you need someone in the place you are marrying that you can trust and rely on. After all, you are going to land in your chosen destination and apart from some of the finer details it will be others who have done the hard work and it will be their effort that will make your special day just as you want it. 
So you want to marry amidst the warmest of friendly welcomes that the Cretan people will offer you and enjoy the warm climate, stunning beaches and scenery but you need people that you cant trust and rely upon to make our dream wedding event the most wonderful time of your life and something to cherish for your friends and family? 
Well don't worry! We believe we can help!!
By chosing Crete as your wedding destination you'll not only enjoy a wonderful climate and stunning beaches but so much more with Minoan history, stunning mountains and that wonderful world famous Cretan welcome. You'll afford your guests the opportunity to explore their passions and anyone who has taken a wedding party overseas will know that their opportunity to explore their own passions makes everyone more committed to your big day. So you've given them the wonderful island of Crete to explore but now you need an event planner on the island you can trust to deliver your perfect wedding day from start to finish. Well let us introduce to you Alexandra & Alessandro...
Alexandra of Double A Wedding Crete, Greece.
Allesandro Rotalex DJ
Double A Wedding's Alexandra & Allesandro
Alexandra & Allesandro create beautiful wedding events on the island of Crete, Greece.
Alexandra & Allesandro of Double A Wedding Crete, Greece.

At Photos of Crete .com we are passionate about being independent So why are we endorsing Alexandra & Alessandro's Double A Wedding services to create your perfect day? Well we've worked with them and seen their hard work and dedication in action and we do not hesitate to give them both our recommendation to create a marriage event of your dreams. They'll find you the wedding venue the matches your vision and turn your day into a fairy-tale for you and your guests. Hair, make up, photography, video, venue decoration, reception / meal and the night's entertainment are all taken care of in a hugely dedicated, passionate and professional manner. You can trust and rely on them to make your wedding truly wonderful. After all they are a married couple and they know what having the most wonderful of days should be, and because you're travelling to Crete to get married they know that it's much more than just one day... it's an event, a holiday and the biggest day of your life. 

Wedding dinner by the sea, Crete, Greece.
Wedding Crete, Greece. Dinner by the sea.
You are the most special people of all.
Wedding dinner with a view Crete, Greece.
Wedding Dinner with a view
Wedding Reception Party Crete, Greece.

At Photos of Crete .com our opinion is that making the decision to have your wedding on the island of Crete is already a superb one. You've now got a large a truly beautiful island paradise at you and your guests fingertips with all of the wonderful culture, food, scenery and warm climate at your fingertips. And to ally this with you wedding is a truly magical choice for your wedding, a unique time away with loved ones and friends and the very best marriage ceremony, reception meal and a magical evening all of your dreams. In our opinion if a Cretan wedding is your hearts desire then search no further as Double A Wedding will deliver everything you ever hoped for with passion & dedication for your big day that is every bit as in love with your event as you both are too. Allowing you to concentrate on what you should be.... each other, your guests and immersing yourself in the once in a lifetime moment of your wedding on the best of all the Greek islands... Crete.

All of the evening's entertainment will be taken care of to your own taste.
Party late into the warm Cretan night with your loved ones.
Wedding entertainment to suit your taste.
Whatever you desire a wedding in Crete can deliver your dreams.
Rotalex DJ for your wedding party in Crete, Greece.
You are the most important people of all.
Wedding Party in a Cretan Resort

Have we convinced you yet?!

Well if concept is enticing you to find out more then don't hesitate to use the contact form below to get in touch with a genuinely friendly, helpful and hugely professional couple in Alexandra and Alessandro and it's a match made in heaven. So if you need to take a look around our site, check out our guides and learn about all the wonderful experiences the island has to offer then you're most welcome, and A&A will be delighted to hear from you in a helpful and non pressured manner. They're great people full of positively and helpfulness so don't think any longer just get in touch! And we are proud and honoured to announce that as you found Double A Wedding here at Photos of Crete .com there's a special discount on your wedding event too! Just let A&A know that you found their services here by using code: POC10 for a special 10% Photos of Crete .com discount off the wedding planning of the most memorable and special trip overseas you will ever make.

We sincerely hope that our brief tour through the most special of wedding events on the island of Crete, Greece has ignited your dreams and awakened your desires for your dream marriage. If it has then don't hesitate to fill in the enquiry form below, it's brief and will put you directly in touch with the wonderful Alexandra & Alessandro of Double A Wedding. In our opinion it's the single best decision you'll ever make when it comes to your wedding in the Greek island paradise that is Crete, Greece.

Alexandria & Alessandro xx
Creating a perfect setting for your wedding in Crete, Greece.
Cretan beach sunset wedding.
Double A Wedding bring the style to your wedding day in Crete, Greece.
Boho Cretan beach wedding styling for your marriage.
A stunning Cretan beach setting for your wedding.

Once you are husband and wife you might want a private dinner by the sea and a relaxing evening and Crete offers a wide variety of options. If it's a dinner party with music by the sea in the Cretan warmth that's on your mind then Rotalex is an internationally renowned DJ of the highest calibre and he'll work with you to endure that your wedding event and party into the night is one to remember for you and your guests with music & entertainment tailored to your desires.

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Use the enquiry for below to get in touch with Double A Wedding. Use code: POC10 for a unique discount on your wedding planning for finding A&A through the Photos of Crete .com web site.

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And here's some wedding in Crete videos to ignite you imagination of a Double A Wedding just a little more...

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